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Looking for AbilianLooking for Abilian
Alla scoperta della Diversità
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Looking for Abilian
Looking for AbilianOriginally meant for junior secondary schools, the project Lions kairós immediately caught the attention of primary schools. Hence, the requests coming from the teachers belonging to this educational stage persuaded us to answer their enthusiastic demand as soon as possible.

So, here it is! "Looking for Abilian", a project thought ex novo by some volunteer teachers of primary schools, which utilizes an engrossing story of likeable animals to make children think about richness in diversity.

The educational section is very substantial, with proposals useful to teachers in order to carry out this project without difficulty.

We think that teachers are the real main characters of this project, and we have no doubt that their proven skills will enhance this educational course.

Thus, an adventure that tries to be a sort of “poetry moving deep in your heart”, aimed at improving in the “normally endowed” youth (and, as a result, in the society of tomorrow) the perception and acknowledgement of the disabled. Therefore, a cultural project whose purpose is to develop a better integration in our schools and in our society, thanks to the awareness of the capabilities of the disabled, in order to give them back their right to Human Dignity.

The French poet Paul Valery would invite you to grasp "... the precious moment of enthusiasm...".

Enjoy your work!

Erasmo Gastaldello

District Lions Officer
Laboratorio Lions Kairós Pilota


A PROJECT BY: Gastaldello Erasmo – District Officer - Lions District 108 TA 1 Italy;
Club Promoter: Lions Club Marostica
Partner Clubs: Lions Club Bassano del Grappa Host – Lions Club Bassano del Grappa Jacopo da Ponte – Lions Club Thiene – Lions Club Schio.

A STORY BY: Thiene Nicoletta, Zarpellon Tiziana.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES BY: Nichele Elisabetta, Thiene Nicoletta, Zarpellon Tiziana.

DRAWINGS BY: Stevan Roberta.

LAYOUT BY: Laboratorio Lions Kairós Pilota

DISTRIBUTION OF THE PROJECT BY: Lions Club del Distretto 108 TA 1


REVISION OF THE TRANSLATION BY: Peloso Fabia and Quaresima Stefania


“Diversity is a value, a real resource to refer to when trying to change our relationship with the world and its people.”

This project is aimed at pupils attending primary school classes 4th and 5t, with the purpose of encouraging a cultural approach to diversity, in order to create a positive relationship with the disabled.

  • to encourage an accurate reflection on diversity;
  • to develop a positive attitude towards diversity, overcoming our own prejudices and suspicions, in order to accept it and to consider it as a point of strength;
  • to develop a cooperative attitude, being open-minded towards people who are “different from us”.

This project wants to provide people with instruments useful for:
  • making an accurate reflection on equality and diversity;
  • bringing to light prejudices and stereotypes about handicaps;
  • valuing diversity;
  • increasing awareness in normally endowed children of the difficulties their disabled peers face in everyday life.


  • the story “Looking for Abilian”;
  • some educational activities distributed within each chapter of the story;
  • a workbook to give to each child;
  • a paper sheet with the text printed in relief (clue to be handed to children during the course of the 1st chapter).


The length of the educational activities is at the discretion of teachers.

After reading each chapter, children should be given a suitable amount of time for the new explored ideas to sink in and to arouse their curiosity.

Each school can decide when to put into practice the project, in accordance with its internal schedule. The “Super-Able week” is planned for March (dates will be promptly given to the schools participating in the project by the Lions responsible for it). However, many schools start the project in November and then, during the year, they resume the same topics in other fields.


Educators: teachers of 4th and 5th primary school classes participating in the project.

External professionals: Lions associates responsible for the project and/or cooperators who will keep in touch with schools.


Pupils of the classes participating in the project are supposed to complete their workbook and any other proposed activity.
Reflections can be shared on the website


There is no need for financial resources.

Educational activities will be performed during school time; teachers and/or pupils can easily find the material required for carrying out the activities.

In a far-away forest there lived a baby panda.
His parents were suddenly stricken by a rare disease, and before dying they asked the queen of the tigers to accept their child in her kingdom.
Chapter 1 "Two weird eyes"
Chapter 2 "Nimble legs"
Chapter 3 "A sand barrier"
Chapter 4 "Musical sounds"
Chapter 5 "Abilian"
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